Success Is Available For You Too


If you are a novice entrepreneur (or even if you are just thinking about it) it is easy for you to feel discouraged: having a business that works is not easy, why should you do it? And then around you there are people who have tried and have not made it, or who have never tried and yet tell you that you will not succeed, that have tried, have succeeded and yet put you on guard that it is not easy at all.

I am not here to tell you that it is easy: it is not, like all the beautiful and demanding things in life, it requires determination, courage, desire to do, perseverance, a clear vision of where you want to go and a strong motivation. But we also think it is a beautiful road, however demandi...

Wake Up Beauty It’s Time To Beast


Your state of mind, by nature, should always be happy, serene, cheerful and full of joie de vivre. When you are in this condition, you wake up with the enthusiasm to start the day, you feel at peace with yourself and with the people around you, you love your job and are satisfied in giving more and more, in doing the difference and contributing to the improvement of others' lives.

Basically, every day you have to feel like the queen of your kingdom!

If you are unhappy, dissatisfied even in just one area of ​​your life, there is something wrong with your thoughts, feelings or actions; until you decide to focus on it and change your strategy, everything will remain as it is!

Quiet, quiet ... I kn...

Know How to Quality for More Capital


Know how to qualify for more capital in a business scenario like the current one, where with the internet we have access to millions of people on social networks or specialized forums, simply from the sofa of our home, one of the most important values ​​in order to influence others and move them ethically in our own direction, is CREDIBILITY. The more we can be credible in what we say, that is, we demonstrate consistency, seriousness and reliability, the more others will trust us and will tend to follow our advice and recommendations. They will also tell others by helping us in the promotion of our service or product, if that is the goal.

On the contrary, being perceived as someone not very ...

I Want To Be Your Mentor


If you want to be a mentor this is the main step you need to take for a wonderful productive and stimulating experience.

1. Identify leadership

Initial identification of leadership talent begins with the knowledge that leadership potential is easy to spot. You recognize it in your most proactive, reliable, accurate and thoughtful employees / collaborators in their work, and who take to heart what they do as if it were their company and somehow take control actions when necessary.

Do not just look at the members with more experience or with the highest career level, look at the entire organization, often it is those who start from the bottom who want to show how much they are really worth.
Your ...

Don't Give Up


Dispute Negative Items


Enrollment in the list of bad payers is everyone's nightmare. Two installments of a skipped loan can be enough to be reported as bad payers and have difficulties in future financing (unless you are a salary or pension holder and want to resort to the assignment of the fifth). The alternative is to wait for the deletion from the register which collects all reports from banks and financial institutions of bad payers.

The Credit Bureau is a private company that was created to provide credit information mainly to credit institutions. The acronym with which it is known, in full, reads: Credit Bureau

The Credit Bureau has a credit information system: it is a huge database in which, on a daily basis...