Success Is Available For You Too


If you are a novice entrepreneur (or even if you are just thinking about it) it is easy for you to feel discouraged: having a business that works is not easy, why should you do it? And then around you there are people who have tried and have not made it, or who have never tried and yet tell you that you will not succeed, that have tried, have succeeded and yet put you on guard that it is not easy at all.

I am not here to tell you that it is easy: it is not, like all the beautiful and demanding things in life, it requires determination, courage, desire to do, perseverance, a clear vision of where you want to go and a strong motivation. But we also think it is a beautiful road, however demanding: you have the opportunity to do what you really like, to make yourself useful to others, to earn and thus support your choices, to be independent, to respond only to yourself, to give. the example to those who may be thinking of making it, and one day to support it. In short, we believe that if you are willing to commit yourself and learn a lot, to question yourself and create something beautiful and useful that did not exist before, or in any case did not exist just like you do, you deserve to be successful.

Where by success we mean the satisfaction (even economic) of doing what you do, knowing that you would never go back.

But we think you must also put yourself in the best conditions to be successful:

  • do not improvise: plan your moves well with an annual planning (and if you are starting, also a planning of what you want to happen between now and the next 3 years)

  • do not be in a hurry: I believe in organic success, the one that grows slowly. And in any case, the first 2 years are all a test: you start to understand things well - and to get really cheap - only from the third year

  • get help: by now you know, I always say: everything is more complicated by itself. Enlist all the help you can, and network even before you start (for example, by joining Rete al Donne, the network for self-employed women)

  • don't be discouraged: we all make mistakes along the way, the important thing is to learn from those mistakes to correct your shot. Only those who do not do not make mistakes, guaranteed.

  • don't be a perfectionist: it's an excuse to never leave. Is your site not perfect? Do you have few likes on the FB page? Don't have a newsletter? It doesn't matter: you leave anyway, sell something, and then use a portion of your early earnings to learn what you don't know or to pay someone to do it.

  • don't use lack of money as an excuse: you don't need much to get started online.

  • don't forget about marketing: to start being successful, you also need to sell. It is not enough to write beautiful posts, have lots of contacts on Instagram, keep an address book on a famous portal: your business needs oxygen to function, and that oxygen is called turnover
    don't be afraid to make changes: your business is in transformation, like you. It follows your growth and evolution. But remember: every change must be motivated, come from within, have a real meaning, it is not a change so much for

  • take care of yourself, not just your business: overwork is a myth. It doesn't really need it, and it's not sustainable. You need moments to recharge, experiences that inspire you, space. Self-care is a fundamental element of your business

  • think big: no matter where you are now: cultivate a vision of success that lights the way!