Know How to Quality for More Capital


Know how to qualify for more capital in a business scenario like the current one, where with the internet we have access to millions of people on social networks or specialized forums, simply from the sofa of our home, one of the most important values ​​in order to influence others and move them ethically in our own direction, is CREDIBILITY. The more we can be credible in what we say, that is, we demonstrate consistency, seriousness and reliability, the more others will trust us and will tend to follow our advice and recommendations. They will also tell others by helping us in the promotion of our service or product, if that is the goal.

On the contrary, being perceived as someone not very credible, worse still dishonest, can cause us serious personal and professional harm. Think about the last time you went to a restaurant where you felt comfortable. How many people have you recommended it to? Instead, think about the last time you were in a restaurant where you were NOT happy, how many people did you report your negative experience to, warning them to carefully avoid that place? For most people, in the second case, the number of people "informed" of the disservice is much higher, and this should make us reflect on the importance of constantly building our credibility.

Let's now see three secrets to reinforce and improve this fundamental aspect, in a context of selling or presenting a recommendation:

The factor that most of all influences the credibility of a person is his competence and knowledge of the subject he is dealing with. For this there are no shortcuts, you have to do your "homework". Constantly update yourself, do not state anything that cannot be proven or verified, if the interlocutor asks a question for which you do not know the answer, do not invent but simply say: "I will inquire and I will answer you by day xx". There is nothing worse than having in front of a seller who does not master the subject he is talking about or who, even worse, knows less than who is trying to persuade you to buy.


Everything that qualifies you as an expert in the subject you are dealing with, for the so-called principle of "authority", helps to generate trust in your interlocutor and make you more credible. It is a good idea, therefore, if you have qualifications, if you have had specific awards or any other factor that can identify you as competent in that field, make it explicit to the interlocutor before starting the presentation. For example, if a salesman in a bicycle shop is recommending a certain model to a sportsman, it may be useful for him to qualify in advance as a former professional racer, his opinion and advice will be received from a completely different point of view. customer. But be careful not to make false or exaggerated claims, which, if discovered, would certainly have the opposite effect.

Your appearance

How you present yourself, how you are dressed, your hairstyle, your personal hygiene are fundamental influencing factors during a presentation. Your credibility as a persuader or salesperson can sometimes be compromised in the first few minutes of a meeting with a prospect, simply because you haven't taken care of these aspects. The best advice in this area, in my opinion is that of the great Brian Tracy: dress like you do the job you want to have, not what you have. The best persuaders take great care of their appearance and use this important weapon of persuasion in their favor, to generate credibility.

By working on these three points, you will certainly see your credibility increased having your business qualified for more capital!