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Lakeisha Marion 

Lakeisha Marion is a best selling author, wealth strategist, investor, mentor, licensed minister, board certified professional life coach, and a multi-level marketing guru. Most importantly, she is a leader with a heart for God’s people; all people. Her passion is to educate her community in the subjects of financial literacy, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship. That same passion has afforded her the opportunity to mentor thousands and lead them towards their own financial freedom, success story.

Lakeisha lands among the top female producers in her field. With the track record of being a top producer, she fully understands what it takes to build a successful business and team. Her focus and determination has made her, not so successful start, become a highly sought after mentor and speaker. She brings an undeniable energy and confidence to any platform she graces. Her contagious charm and bubbly personality makes tackling the hard subjects of poor credit, low self-esteem, and failed opportunities easier for her audience members.

Her transparency grabs the attention of others as she openly shares her journey from seven foreclosures to seven figures. Having multiple seven figure streams of income and a net worth of more than four million dollars; clearly shows what her skill set can produce. She was introduced to network marketing and found a whole new world. It was a perfect fit. She loved motivating and that love for the people once again gave her the title of top producer in her company in just one year.

Now, Lakeisha has a growing passion for mentoring African-American females. Her Wealthy Women’s Winning Circle is a place where women can join and have a safe place to learn, earn, and grow. Her primary goals are to help women increase their confidence, improve their credit, and qualify for more capital. Her bestselling book, “From Tragedy To Triumph” tells the story of her search for purpose that is relatable to both men and women. Searching led to her being in position to educate and empower the masses.

As a real estate investor, interested hearts have naturally began seeking her advice and counsel in the greater Miami, Florida area. She is seen as a valuable community asset and gives hope to the hopeless. Lakeisha Marion ignites ambition in every person she encounters. She is a leader that seeks impact over power and is determined to tell each listening ear of the possibilities of next level living. Her trademarked slogan, God First, Money Second, Winning always; speaks for itself.