Dispute Negative Items


Enrollment in the list of bad payers is everyone's nightmare. Two installments of a skipped loan can be enough to be reported as bad payers and have difficulties in future financing (unless you are a salary or pension holder and want to resort to the assignment of the fifth). The alternative is to wait for the deletion from the register which collects all reports from banks and financial institutions of bad payers.

The Credit Bureau is a private company that was created to provide credit information mainly to credit institutions. The acronym with which it is known, in full, reads: Credit Bureau

The Credit Bureau has a credit information system: it is a huge database in which, on a daily basis, information on financial practices concerning mortgages, personal loans, payments with revolving cards and many other financial instruments commonly used to provide / request credit.

Credit Bureau inscription

When are you enrolled in the Credit Information Systems of the Credit Bureau? Registration with the Credit Bureau and recording of data relating to a private subject can take place in three moments:

In the preliminary phase for a new loan;
In the event that the loan request is accepted and the loan is disbursed;
The data relating to the repayment of the loan are recorded every month.

Credit Bureau is known by the name of bad payers register, but not many know that the Credit Bureau registers are not a blacklist for banks, but databases relating to each individual who has requested a loan.

Credit Bureau reporting: when you are reported as "bad payers"

The reporting of negative data of a loan holder does not occur at the first non-payment of the installment.

The report of the first payment delay is made visible on the credit report only in the event of non-payment for two consecutive months (or two installments). The reporting of further delays (subsequent to the first) takes place in any case through the monthly updates sent by the participating institution.

From the first missed refund, two months will pass before the data becomes a report to the Sic. Before registration, the credit institution will give the opportunity to regularize the debt position.

From the second delay, the report can be forwarded without delay.

Deletion of negative data from the Credit Bureau registers

How to unsubscribe from the Credit Bureau? The deletion of data from the registers managed by the Credit Bureau does not take place on request, as registration takes place automatically when the credit institution reports a non-payment in the times and methods indicated above.

The best solution, therefore, is to contact the bank or credit institution directly. The Credit Bureau, in fact, before deleting a name from the list of bad payers, checks with the credit institution that all credit positions are closed and in good standing.

Cancellation times Credit Bureau

The cancellation times of the Credit Bureau can be quite long: it ranges from a minimum of 30 days to a maximum that can vary according to the specific credit situation that made a person consider a "bad payer".